29/05/2014, 12:44
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Dears, im proudly to announce, what I forgot before my vacation, if someone reads this, who is not on fb :D (tell me who) I have a website!!!! :)))



you know..
07/01/2014, 18:41
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… that Im slowly moving..? :P

12/12/2013, 23:53
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Je suis confused. I have been thinking, why I cant stop working. I work, work, finish and work again, even seems like I dont know how to live today without working. I work with images, for loads for my work, and then… i thought. I know. This will save me, I went to the kitchen.. to do the dishes, and smiled, like this was no work.

we are having a guest from London
29/07/2013, 14:47
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we are having a guest from London

So, we had one summer day. Thank you summer

New Dārta
13/07/2013, 14:40
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Dārta with her Father.

Elina Marcis 2013 1335_0

Elina Marcis 2013 1354_0

Recently printed out me and My father long time ago :)

172438_l_511b6629a50e3ae940cf4aa881094293And yes, I am bit confused that there are showing up so many Dārtas lately. What does it mean? :) Yes, my name is very adorable and pretty and cute, but still feels weird.  as Im used to be the only one in the town. Like when Bertuks did the graffiti, police at this moment new that there is only one Darta in the town, and I should know who did the graffiti :) yes. it was nice.

killing me
30/06/2013, 21:05
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8marc 1186_0

Sandy story
09/05/2013, 01:02
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