about the book.
08/01/2010, 21:25
Filed under: photoworld

I just have to finish up with some photos, some ideas, some words and it can go out in the world. The last idea brought me brilliant collection, it is about the snowwhite and her seven dwarfs. Did you realised that you are all of them. You can be. even modern.

Šodien pievienoju savu pirmo ierakstu Ines cook bookam/blogam. ļoti priecājos, ka nesanāca galīg garām :]

Un fantastiska ziņa no Kates, man ir atdevusi banka/rynair naudu, ko nejauki paņēma. thnx God :)


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cool 8)

Comment by Cikuziitis

Man banka arii atnjeema mazliet naudas, bet plaanotajai Bebrei Kristiinei neiedeva. taa nu es aizmirstu pazvaniit vislaik uz banku..
Un es Daarta tev sagatavoju Richiju(sauc vinju par Diku :D)

Comment by Ance

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