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28/10/2010, 16:01
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So I googled today for the most beautiful places on the world. It was never a dream of mine or maybe in my all lifetime I could travel the top 30, maybe. Im not sure. So, I started to look up some. I got top 10 from one place and most of the sights is the same as top 10 in top 100 :D LOL, so this is fun, let me list them:

The Grand Canyon, United States

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Cape Town, South Africa

Taj Mahal, India

Canadian Rockies, Canada

Machu Picchu, Peru

The Pyramids, Egypt

Petra, Jordan

Great Wall of China, China

The Iguazu Waterfalls, Argentina-Brazil Border

So, I know some people who has been to some of these places already, but I dont know anyone who has been to all 10 :) Egypt is easy because of the lazy tourists :D So, let me make one more list. It will be the top10 from top100, so:

The inca city of Machu Picchu

The Iguazu waterfalls

The Tadj Mahall

The pyramids and the sphinx

The great canyon of Colorado

Migrating animals in the Serengeti park  NEW THING!!!

The Nabatean city of Petra

The big wall of China

The Victoria waterfalls NEW THING!!!

The great coral reef

So :) this is lovely, I guess… I have some lists here. So I think – in my opinion – we have strong top8 and maybe this is the most wanted top 8 :]] And to that we should do a top8 photo :)


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