from the begginings
02/11/2010, 14:08
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If we imagined we have no anything. If we could imagine not to have breathing skills, hands, legs, people, dreams, home, passions, parents, abilities to learn, addictions, If we had no IT, cell phones, peace, sunshine, global warming, if we didn’t know how to play piano, board games, how to smile with eyes and how to love unconditionally. What we would be doing? What would you do to get what you want? How much effort would you make and for what? What would you expect from others? If your feet wasn’t moving, would you expect for others to love you more or less? Do you expect that people around you gives the same effort as you do? When do you decide to make a change? What are you looking for?  Do you care about yourself more that about others? (i mean others, the others LOL)  Are you the one who makes other person stronger or weaker? which one you would like to be? How big person you are ? I would like to ask one more question, but Im  not ready yet.


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I cannot figure out what would I do if I was lacking breathing skills – hmm – maybe rotting somewhere 6 feet deep :D Too hard to thik … Thus… Give me the last question! Give it to me! Give it! AAAAAA! Need .. one .. more .. question ..

Comment by Ansis

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