12/12/2010, 18:23
Filed under: film, sparkle

So what did I do today.?! It was amazing. worth it. I made a big huge selection and organizing at my imdb profile, more precisely – my movies. I have there now separately sorted SERIES and FILMS seen, then again I have the folder of to have movies and then the ones I HAVE, have to see. And now it is very easy to see all the numbers at the same list and also select genres :]] AND I sorted out the best movies when someone asks me, voted by me with 10 or 9 and then ordered by IMDB votes. Just lovely, just brilliant.


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Would you mind sharing your vote history?

Comment by Valdis

And to Which Valdis I should dedicate it to?

Comment by daaartavee

+ my vote history is boring, My the lowest and the only lowest mark goes to American Pie (1999) and it is 5 :)

Comment by daaartavee

Random internet Valdis :) You don’t know me.
I’m more interested in the high ones. :D

Comment by Valdis

Here you go, my Random internet Valdis :)

Comment by daaartavee

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