27/12/2010, 14:28
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Just watched it yesterday. And i was realizing how much di caprio has grown, He has played in Santa Barbara (TV series) 1990 – Young Mason Capwell. This is funny. Even in Titanic ( i gave it 8)  he was too cute and cheesy for me, I haven’t seen Romeo by him yet, although i have it, but as everyone says, that the Beach (9 from me)was a break, when people started to enjoy him differently. So, later on I enjoyed the Gangs of New York (9), then Departed and Blood diamond (both10). I have Catch Me If You Can and Shutter Island in to do list.  So – for producing part of Leo,  am waiting for the Red Riding Hood with Amanda and lovely red cape.  And I just kept reading and he has the italian, russian and german roots, funny. the boy from Ghettos of Hollywood. Anyway. Bar looks pretty, just 1 year younger than me and already twice has been in a relationship with Leo. And what have i done? :D And the secrecy about them is lovely “No one needs to know how we kiss.” So, first time nominated for the Oscars in Best Actor in a Supporting Role for: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993). After the leading role in Aviator and Blood Diamond. No win. yet. future win i could see :D

So about the Inception. Yes, I liked it. And I like that I still talk about it and try to fully understand as I watched it in English.

But you can wish me to get better and send me some tea to drink all day long xx



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Es vienmēr esmu teikusi, ka Di Kaprio ir kruts!;D
un Catch Me If You Can skatījusies reizes piecas. I like him :p

Comment by Paula

Nu Titānika Caprio man likās vēl piena puika un nemaz nepatika, gluži kā Breds mazs man nekad nav paticis :D

Comment by daaartavee

Es vakar beidzot saņēmos un arī noskatījos PIRMSĀKUMS(kāpēc IMDB kko izdomājis pats tulkot, pat nejautājot, vai es to vēlos??). Anyway,man patika. mož vainīga labā kvalitāte un izvēlētie aktieri un specefekti.bet jā, man arī patika.
The Social Network-man vajadzīgas laikam savādāka sižeta filmas.Nepaķēra.Vienīgi Džastins..ne jau Bībers. :D

Comment by TAVAMĀSA!!!!

Un Jelgavā vajag kinoteātri.

Comment by TAVAMĀSA!!!!

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