18/02/2011, 22:34
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Today I had a meeting with the main boss of the RED girl. And she reminded me how big I am with my abilities and experience in cooking for huge amount of youth from different countries.  I was the cooking woman (thanks for Juliana Raut) for the project “Van for exchange” which took place in the VAR department of the France. It was participated by French, Latvian, Italian, Bulgarian, Hungarian and one English, one Moldavian and one German. It was a good project. I took the photos, if you care.  So I was managing the kitchen for 2 whole weeks in two different French campings for 32 persons 5 meals a day and it was around +40’C outside. I almost didn’t had any shadow, any bench. The fire in the kitchen was going where the wind flew it. So, now I know you can boil the potatoes even when the water is not really boiling yet. They are just ready at the one moment. So I guess I am sure to say I was the very best cooking woman, started without any experience as being a good cook or something. I come from those families, where the mother and the sister cooks. And then dad is cooking for the special events. So Only thing I was cooking very good before was potatoes pancakes, and My mum says its because noone else has the patience to do this, but may be she just wanted for me to have at least something in the kitchen.

As for the cooking woman, I had so good organization, I had loads of papers and tables and amounts and to do lists and every morning  Andy took me down for the baguettes and food, even it was not his main task, then he came back with me, and helped me in the kitchen, even it was the only time when he can rest.. I remember this very good, It was first time when someone’s help meant so much to me and it came from him. I didn’t even ask. I didn’t ask, because I had the one person supposed to be helping me at kitchen from the organizers, it was the Liudmila. She was supposed to help me, when needed, but she was so young, and trying to be the most beautiful one and sexy one and flirting with the guy I liked. and when I came back from the early morning shop, she was just using my only bench, in my kitchen and flirting around… you know, like young women do.. I wouldn’t be so upset or talking behind her back now, but the day before, when I was working without her help, She just asked me to take some good photos of her dancing belly dancing and adoring when everyone is adoring her :]] OK, I took the wrong direction….

About the cooking… My brilliant man cooked me something new before few days. So today, I took the maltīte (exact recipe) and did something for him. Lets see how it will go :)))) And thnx Ines (her project) for all the stuff there. She has done a brilliant thing xx



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