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26/03/2011, 20:16
Filed under: sparkle

Finn, Artie and Sam is a good ending to my lately the best home training ever.. This has been some very sweet sweaty hour :]] Ass is in pain, I guess my physiotherapist would say that it is a good thing ;) The most interesting part from the last training outside my place, I found some new muscles in my body, that was cool. actually, yes. it was like a proof that this is definitely not the waist of time, it is just making me even more and more beautiful :)
ushouldbme has a one year anniversary apparently :]] So this is not onle the day with kisses for little Vaivodīte, Ilze, Ansis, but also ushouldbme day ;] Then my kisses goes to Tatjana as well, She made this contemporary art project so good not only for the artistic improvement, but also the personal :) and now my blog is officially boring :D

Lets go and read Kate’s blog :)))))  http://veistmane.blogspot.com/

AAnd, have you seen that the birthday boy has a new blog :] http://3ansis.wordpress.com/


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Oh, I’m being advertised! :D
And your blog is not boring. It just SOMETIMES needs spark, you know.
Your lovey-dovey sister.

Comment by KATE

I have spark :D:D:D
I have a new muscle in my left arm!! :D:D:D

Comment by daaartavee

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