Something Borrowed
16/08/2011, 10:38
Filed under: film, sparkle

So yesterday we watched Something Borrowed and it was something :D Does the movies get more boring and make people look stupid or we get smarter and they cant keep up? So it was a lovely movie :D little bit sad that the hot guy was not so smart actually and the cool guy moved to cool city of London, so it was something :D and the cool girl got dumped :D


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& kā Tev patika?

Comment by muyperfecto

Paldies par spoilu. bet es jau pēc trailera sapratu, ka nekas tur nebūs. :D pašai gan jānoskatās lai varētu apstiprināt,nu jau dubultaizdomu. :D
Paskaties labāk Bad Teacher. Arī takā nekāda, bet tomēr Džastins bija ūber. ;D

Comment by sissy

…bet viņu “akts” bija pretīgs. :D

Comment by muyperfecto

haha :D:D:D:D:D

Comment by daaartavee

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