red carpet
19/09/2011, 11:10
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just checking out my favorites

I see, red dresses on the red carpet is still there in an obvious amount : ) let’s count :D Kate Winslet, Angela Kinsey, Adrianne Palicki, Kerry Washington, Nina Dobrev, Lea Michele, Connie Britton, Kathy Griffin, Sofía Vergara, Margo Martindale, Sarah Hyland counts :D

Then I see sparkling black ones and naked ones, and only few of them took me by surprise, and that was Cobie’s color !! And Lena Headey looked gorgeous!!!! just perfect and outstanding. : ) Dear Diane Argon was not good. no. I didnt get it. BUT Naya Rivera was pretty :D Now I just started to think – maybe I have the black dress love today : )
So, from Glee it goes to Naya, and over all I guess 3 pictures deserve my attention : )  And Minka looks pretty as always, and her name just gives a bonus : )

Of course so many things can change on BIG FRIDAY NIGHT coming up!

Funny how raising hope mom looks when she is not poor :D



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eu!!! man likās, ka red carpet arī ietilps piektdienā, ne? ;D
Ninai bija laba kleita, tāda fancy, yo.

Comment by Jekaterina

jā, jā, būs red carpet 5dien, es jau vēl neko nenoskatījos, vnk internets pilns, ka nevar neredzēt bildes :D

Comment by daaartavee

Tas gan, tas gan-IMDb nedrīkst iet!!

Comment by Fancy madam

And what about Evan Rachel Wood? I thought she looked good in that BLACK thing. ;D

Comment by Fancy madam

nop, not for me, too much shoulders covered :D and not the right hair :D and I’m not sure I like her at all more than a human being acting in Hollywood and being nominated for the golden globe, and whose favorite actress is Cate Blanchett.

Comment by daaartavee

And -AGREED- on Lena

Comment by Fancy madam

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