25/11/2011, 12:55
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We hug and kiss the screen with this picture on it. Just please guess the correct sister :D


It appears nobody knows which is the right  Kate :D

So lots of them, It appears that Paris Hilton has played Kate in O.C. 8-)  Meg Ryan played Kate in French kiss and white collar main guy was chasing his Kate all season : ) ) ) Reese Whiterspoon, Eva Longoria, Amy Adams has played the Kate for some while, they all wanna be KATE : ) ) And of course I found some of them in the pictures!!!!

AND there has been 3 KATES in How I met your mother :]] I guess Barney loves them as well :D


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Comment by stilldrunksister

ooo, you didnt see the update yet!!!!!!!!!

Comment by daaartavee

Oh boy!!! :)) SENKJŪ!! :*:*:*
Man gribas šito kkur iemūžināt pie sevis. es nevaru uzlikt kkur zvaigznīti, ka man vienmēr kkur parāda? :D

Comment by stilldrunksister

maybe just bookmark it :*
Lai nu Tev skaista diena peciņa :**

Comment by daaartavee

looks like 2 Kates in the BIG IMAGE :D

Comment by daaartavee

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