a problem
23/01/2012, 09:36
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I say –  my problem is that I am tended to release my pain, to work through it and get it out. To resolve any issues and fly free mind and loving heart. I just cant stand being mad on someone, or being angry about something, my body is solving this and working on better happier life. So if I would want to become an artist I would have to learn keep my pain. live with it, place it in me and make art of it. So. What the fuck i want to be? :D

Or should I just be happy that I have some anger to work on time after time and that’s my artistic input and that’s enough to make me better :D


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Bet ir jau arī priecīgi artisti-kas taisa bērnu grāmatas! Paskaties uz Sūzanu, piemēram! :D

Comment by Ka-Te

Yes. and she reached real thing from the guilt and pain :D

Comment by daaartaveeDārta

You can live the pain and sadness, for a little bit, you can not avoid it totally , as you are human . So this might help you to generate art. What you have to control is your attitude towards sadness and pain. These are 2 different things. One thing is to live and feel an emotion , other thing is having a certain attitude towards it. So live the emotion, create some art eventually , but don’t let that emotion to have a negative impact on you :) …… I have no idea if I made myself clear … :))

Comment by Maria Cat

I know what you mean.
This keeps coming to my mind, as one friend of mine is a brilliant artist, and one thing what makes her like that is education of course, but the other thing is this state of being teaches her overcome loads of complicated feelings and she has accepted a life like this and people who makes her like this. She is happy and I think she has accepted to feel sad and enjoy it a lot of time of the time.
Could i live like that?
Not really.
I need to joke, and laugh. For me a lot for happiness means laughs and that’s it.
What about you Maria? :))))

Comment by daaartaveeDārta

Yes Darta, u’re definitely a joker :D
About me, I shall admit I live all the palette of emotions, from hysterical happiness and laugh till sadness. Can’t refuse me in any emotion. I just don’t really like myself when I’m sad or depressed, that’s why I try to control this state and get the fuck out of it asap :)))
About what u wrote “my problem is that I am tended to release my pain, to work through it and get it out. ” I don’t see it as a problem, i think it’s a quality ;))

Comment by Maria Cat

I was sure it is a quality until I decided it doesn’t help to become a genius artist.
So, if it is a choice between an artist or a happy laugh? :]

Comment by daaartaveeDārta

uh… hard choice ….
what the hell !…. happy laugh ! people say it’s healthier ))))

i wish u both ;)

Comment by marycat31

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