Sandy story
09/05/2013, 01:02
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14/12/2012, 15:25
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We can talk about that :D

14/11/2012, 12:16
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few days ago
01/05/2012, 16:10
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we went fishing.

16/04/2012, 08:13
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Garra Rufa
12/04/2012, 14:54
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I was yesterday for my first time fish spa. Picture is not mine, but the view was similar. it was different because I have the french manikieur 8-) Huge thank you to my sisters for this experience. I am not sure i will go more, but it was a truly adventure and travel for my heart :)  <3

10/04/2012, 11:56
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I did my first time on my first bicycle. It was nice. I am longing for a warm days now, and I wish I would adapt faster to the traffic and my asss hurts. But who cares, lets go cycle more. I will tag this as travel :D we will go feed ducks. And It was not the “Flick” situation, honey. xxx