phone shoot
07/04/2012, 19:28
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From Vilnius with love
01/04/2012, 20:25
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23/03/2012, 14:39
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So yesterday the post lady was finally working, and I got 4 lovely post-thingys :D

Post card from Austria, from Germany (Roja), and The EGYPT!! AND the lovely notification that my book has arrived, which will be used to learn draw and paint and shape humans :))))))) im sparkling at the idea :)

He says it is me on the les Alps. So, lets see :D what people think :D:D PALDIES ARNI xxx :) I feel pretty pretty :D

Paldies Līviņai un Raimiņam :* Could promote her artwork in my sleep,

Thank you Mona my dear :* Maybe the SPACE heard you and I am getting better, and hopefully soon return to my photoworld and dreams and you will have the BIG dvd :)

13/02/2012, 13:50
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I miss doing healthy things. doing things, which you d being healthy. i should write them down. i will.

for now, I keep buying dresses in the internet after few painkillers on the first day of period :D cheers

09/02/2012, 20:39
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I totally forgot to tell you what did i meet in Roma :D


20/01/2012, 16:02
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So, After being too sick for too long, I started to listen to my Italian mum, who just simply asked me to cover myself :)) It was a lovely holiday, sneak peak.

05/12/2011, 16:23
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I had definitely WRONG shoes for la ROMA : ) consider “Bruģis” all city size there. crazee. ( pielipa no L.A. )

Moment in the afternoon, waiting for Marco