we are having a guest from London
29/07/2013, 14:47
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we are having a guest from London

So, we had one summer day. Thank you summer


01/05/2013, 12:26
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02/01/2013, 12:48
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So I wished to collect all the things which seem important. Which is, was and would be important : )

– bicycle, my first, I did ride it this year!!

– Jennifer Lawrence, she turned out a very positive surprise for me.

83 movies seen in 2012, The best worth mentioning – The Intouchables, Argo, Drive, Bridesmaids, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Pirate Radio, Whatever Works

– the job im very glad and happy for. Also with teaching me again that sometimes the best things happen without planning, just coming from the sky and offering participation, appreciation and action.

This is how far I got. SO NICE OF ME. Seems like a 5%, but what can I do :D I would go on. But I seem to be lost in adventures and losing time for anything else. I get back to work, and you all have a great year :)

22/11/2012, 11:06
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This is one of those mornings when you want to throw up

looking for..
02/11/2012, 15:44
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Trying to the way to relax, after being tricked in to go shoot some nice Stilago shoes at the One Wolf. And Im panicking. Maybe it is not so bad. But im so freaked out I will FAIL big time and I never shoot fashion. Never. Ok, I have thought about that, but not like this.
I ate some raw onions. I remember kissing a guy just because he was eating some raw onions as they come.

05/10/2012, 16:34
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Some people know, some not so much, im closing the page and opening the new one.

At first im hurt and healing, but then let’s see how my life goes. Thanks and everyone is welcome to support any crazy things happening.

Swiss IT Croatia
01/10/2012, 20:39
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So, in few words – my dear beautiful cousin Ieva Snikersproge had so charming wedding, I shot some nice moments, lights and reflections, coming up later, the wedding in Geneve was precious, meeting my other relatives was grown up ^^, Changing tires in Swiss is challenging on Saturdays, Because of all tires thingy, we crossed the Stelvio Pass at night, we drove through mountains and clouds, not the fog. Clouds! The top was freezing, whiskey helped. Fixed some local bicycles in camping Sarathei (The CAMPING SARATHEI overlooks on the beach of LAGO DI SANTA CROCE) and I had some challenging driving in some off roads, may be it was not off roads for the men. :D Nice beaches, fantastic Prosecco, good sleep. Entered Croatia. We were moving straight to South, it was 22’C at night, very pleasant, and windy small village on the first night was powerful, we met our great host Hrvoje Jurić, and started to try local beers. Managed to visit beaches, cities, islands, ships, chips, slašies and you know, all the pretty things :D Also the gf of our host Željana Budić ;]] So i had the greatest company. Arnis and Tālis. And we had the best tires.  yes. it was good.