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8marc 004

sunday mysteries
24/02/2013, 15:41
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Im having one of the great sundays, when you wake up at 11 already ready for coffees, work, sport, films, fashion, images, work, extra work, sushi and more.. So, Todays nicest surprise was Frida’s images by Camilla Akrans for 25 Magazine #2

Frida Gustavsson by  Camilla Akrans for 25 Magazine #2  2

Frida Gustavsson by  Camilla Akrans for 25 Magazine #2  4

Frida Gustavsson by  Camilla Akrans for 25 Magazine #2  7

15/02/2013, 13:19
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I like you happy and sparkling, accepting, and less worried, you just make me want to be closer to you. You just make me want to give you things again. When You share and sparkle, and smile, laugh and accept.. i like you better.

13/02/2013, 18:33
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Ginta Lapina for Thyren 2013-004

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I had no idea i can be this happy until you showed me.

Par cilvēkiem, dziesmām, darbiem, ēdieniem, but mainly jau par cilvēkiem man apkārt.

YOU JUST GET OUT OF HERE……!!!!  Love Kristen, she is a lot, you get oooout of here…

+ I adore those actors who can become from nothing speciall to something mind blowing in just couple of years, like di Caprio did for me and now Jennifer. it is a feeling to enjoy